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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about the Tampere tram.

What colour will the Tampere tram be?

The official colour of the new tram is based on the Tampere tram brand guidelines. You can view the proposed tram colours on this site in April, after which you and other Tampere residents have a say in choosing the final tram colour.

When will tram traffic begin in Tampere?

You can board the tram on its maiden voyage in 2012, when the first tram line is operational. You can then travel by tram from Pyynkintori to Hervanta and Tampere University Hospital. We’ll also be testing trams on the new line before it is open to the public. The official opening date for tram services has yet to be announced.

Can you travel on the tram if you’re in a wheelchair?

Of course, you can. Our low-floored trams are 100% wheelchair friendly. The tram stops are also accessible to people in wheelchairs, parents with prams and elderly people.

When will we get to see the final colour of the tram?

Once we have your input on the tram colour, the design agency behind Tampere tram brand will get to work on the final colour and design, which will be revealed at the end of 2018.

Where will the trams be built?

The tram cars will be built in Finland by Transtech. Idis Design in Turku is responsible for the design and colour of the tram cars.

What’s a mock-up?

A mock-up is a full-scale model of a tram car. A preliminary mock-up is used to evaluate the tram design at the beginning of the design process.  The design team will also create a final mock-up that looks and feels just like our tram. This mock-up will be on view to the public in October and November 2018.

How many passengers can one tram carry?

More than 200 passengers can travel safely on one tram. There are total of 104 seats, 64 of which are regular seats and 40 folding seats. Standing room depends on how many folding seats are in use or if a pram is on board. The general rule of thumb is that one tram can carry the same number of passengers as three busses.

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