All aboard!

Welcome to the era of tram travel in Tampere

The spirit of Tampere travels on a tram

Tampere is the most desired residential and student city in Finland. We are also the most popular destination for domestic travel and one of Finland’s fastest growing urban hubs. We also need easy, safe and convenient ways to move around. That’s why we’re building a tramline in our city.

We’ll soon enjoy the best ride around in terms of passenger comfort and convenience – fast and safely. In fact, our dynamic city is always creating new and original things. Now it’s time to travel into the future with Tampere tram.


We want to help you travel smarter.

Tampereen Ratikka aika-ikoni

Trams are fast, reliable and frequent. Travel from Hervanta to Pyynikki in only 30 minutes.

Tampereen Ratikka liike-ikoni

Trams are easy to use and comfortable, with plenty of room for everyone even at peak hours.

Tampereen Ratikan matkustajia

Trams serve everyone

Convenient in every way

Trams are reliable and punctual. They run regularly throughout the day, so you can transfer between tram and bus lines easily. You can also park your car near a tram line and continue your journey by tram. Riding on a tram is an unbeatable travel experience – smooth and spacious at every stop of your trip.

Freedom to move

Safe and accessible – trams are incredibly passenger friendly. Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with friends, there’s always room for you on a tram. Bicycles, baby buggies and wheelchairs are also welcome. Trams bring a new kind of freedom of movement to urban life. Best of all, boarding a tram is easy for everyone.

Travel smarter

For instance, you can combine tram and car sharing data to create personalized travel chains that allow you to transfer between different modes of transport effortlessly.

The Tampere Tram Line

Trams make travelling inside Tampere easier and faster.  The average distance between tram stops is 600 meters, so there is more than one stop in your neighbourhood.

Tampereen Ratikan reittikartta

The builders behind Tampere Tram

Tampere Tramway Ltd.

A fully-owned subsidiary of the City of Tampere. Responsible for the construction of the tramway’s infrastructure, the procurement of trams and other equipment, the organization of project financing and the operation of the tram system when tram services begin in 2021.

Tampere Tramway Ltd.

Tramway Alliance

The Tramway Alliance is designing and building the tramway infrastructure and depot area. You will find more information about the construction project and its impact on traffic on the Tramway Alliance website. The principal clients of Tramway Alliance are Tampere Tramway Ltd. and the City of Tampere.

Tramway Alliance

Tampere Public Transport

Tampere Public Transport is responsible for planning and operating the majority of public transport in the Tampere region. The unit also maintains a fare and ticketing system.

Tampere Public Transport

City of Tampere

The City of Tampere oversees the political decision-making process behind the tramway project and the participation of Tampere residents in the design and construction of the tramway system. The city is also responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of roads, bikeways and public areas linked to the tramway, as well as tramway operating costs and public transport fares.

City of Tampere